About My Work

For the past 3 years I have focused on Australian desert regions - in fact it has become almost an obsession - I keep visiting the same areas again, and again. I find a certain excitement about arriving at my favourite spots and a great contentment as I wander off with my camera bag and tripod. Salt lakes, sand dunes, deserts are constantly changing. They change over the course of one day, as the sun moves across the sky the light and shadows provide a feast for my camera. And they change over the weeks and months as the wind and rain rearrange the landscape.  The pre dawn light is almost spiritual in its effect on the land while the evening is the epitome of tranquility. And then there is the rain - yes, it can rain in the desert, very heavy rain that closes every road for 200 kms, and this can really mess with my plans. But it forces me to be patient and appreciate where I am even more. 

Here you will find a collection of some of the photographs I have taken over the years. Like many, I started with film years ago but was swept up in the digital revolution and now film is only a distant memory. My first darkroom was in 1977 and I shot with a Minolta SLR film camera, and although I do love the effect of black and white film I am only too happy to say goodbye to the chemicals of the darkroom.

Most of the images here were taken in Australia. I now spend much of my time heading out on road trips with my camera - this has become the creative outlet I have been looking for. My first visits to remote regions of Australia was as an 18/19 year old working for drilling companies as we explored for minerals. It was rough in those days, unlike my travels now in the comfort of a modern four wheel drive. My fascination with the outback however goes back to these early visits.

I have also included a few of my very early shots from Nepal; I started visiting the Himalaya in 1974 and have been back many times. My visits there had a profound impact on my life and so I included these shots purely for sentimental reasons. In the early '80's I guided tours through parts of Northern India and developed a great fondness for this region. I feel I have had a very fortunate life.

I use the camera to 'write' the stories I cannot commit to words.  I have always struggled with the written word, it does not come naturally to me and so I was attracted to a camera because I could use this device to express how I feel about the world.  Using a camera I can give meaning to my own life and the world I inhabit.  The world is a wonderful, beautiful, mysterious and deeply inspiring place.  Its transient nature can at once be both a source of deep sadness and of profound wonderment that we have this brief moment of life to experience it.  I hope with my photos I can convey some of the beauty and wonder of what I experience.   Please let me know what you think.

I have had several exhibitions over the past 6 years with my first solo show in Melbourne in 2017 and have a number of works in private collections both here in Australia and overseas.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

Russell Curr