I am currently offering two styles of prints:

(i) Traditional fine art paper print . I send via via Australia Post.

(ii) Direct to metal printing - these are printed directly to ChromaLuxe metal and are fabulous. I have had many prints done over the last 4 years using this method and find it superior to paper prints and although it does cost more it does not require framing, takes up less space on the wall for the same size print (no frame and no mounting board) and is very durable, and the colour is stunning. And it comes ready to mount with its own 'floating' mount point. The printer I have been using for the last 4 years makes the following claims about these metal prints

"..ChromaLuxe metal is incredibly tough. In fade tests, it lasted two to four times longer than the leading photo papers, and there is no need to protect it under glass. Due to the tough sublimation coating, ChromaLuxe metal is also scratch resistant, stain resistant, waterproof, fire resistant, tear resistant, impervious to damage from tape or glue, and will not yellow with age.) Our Aluminium HD Metal prints are printed on aluminium that has a special photographic coating...."

I need to allow about 14 days for these metal prints from the time of ordering.

Free postage to Australian addresses.

International Orders

International orders are sent by DHL Air Express and costs vary based on the image size/weight. There is the option of selecting the correct freight based on location and print size. If you are from outside Australia and wish to purchase one of my prints on metal and find the freight issue confusing please contact me via the 'contact' option above and I will get back to you.

If an image is equal to or larger than 30 inches on either side then it becomes a large print for the purposes of air express.

At this stage I do not offer framed prints - the chance of damage in transit is too great.


Please be aware that it is not possible to guarantee that what you see on your monitor will exactly match the print - monitor colours and settings can vary greatly across screens. Prints you order may be a slightly different colour to that you view on your computer monitor.